Four Fall Activities for Toddlers

Now that the big kids are back to school, it’s a great time to explore new places with your toddler.

  1. With over 150 locations, Pump it Up is a great way to spend a rainy, fall day.  When school is out, it can be an overwhelming, crowded place for your little one, but back-to-school means you don’t have to worry about your toddler getting trampled!  Contact your local Pump It Up for open play hours, or organize a private play time with your friends.
  2. If you can get to a pick-your-own farm on a week day, you and your child will be able to enjoy a fun, educational experience this fall without the crowds. can help you find a farm near you!
  3. Local zoos are not only easier for toddlers to enjoy without crowds, but cooler weather means pushing that stroller or wearing your baby carrier around is more comfortable for you, too!
  4. Nature walks will give you and your little one an opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage and watch for birds and insects. has great question prompts to enhance their learning as you walk.  Asking things like, “What does the sky look like today?” or “Can you hear the wind?” will help develop all their senses.

And as always, remember to pack your DiaperBuds when you are out & about with your baby or toddler!

Let us know how you are enjoying fall with your toddler!

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